Welcome to Jack of All Words

Click on the audio player below to hear soothing sounds of nature as you view this image of autumnal hues blazing across a lovely Japanese garden deep in October.

   Imagine the aroma of burning leaves filling the air as a foot bridge beckons you to make your way across the lovely landscape on a crisp, sunny day. 

Then, indulge your taste buds with a post from Jack’s blog, before touching upon the engaging word images described in his writing portfolio.  


Words To Savor

Jack Murray, a confirmed “snackoisseur,” wrote about his true passion -snacking.  Read his descriptions of  delicious snack experiences that inspired him to pen recipes for relishing life — each served with a bit of humor, a dash of nostalgia and pinch of wisdom.  

Bite into a Slice of Life


Hope for the “Vegetably Challenged”


Popcorn and Job Hunting


Mom’s Best Recipes for Liferoast beef

Pizza: The Best Poor Man’s Date

Ice Cream for Tasty Relief from Heat

Hot Dog Daze

Less is More: A Healthy Risotto

Gooey, Delicious Cookies