Apple Byte

Pick a shiny apple fresh from the produce section of your grocery store.

Consider the simplicity of this timeless snack, so appealing to all the senses. Feel the heft of this solid ball packed with delicious nutrients, chockfull of nourishing goodness.

Before biting into it, caress the smooth texture of the skin covering its fleshy fruit, like nature’s own candy wrap. Rinse it clean under the faucet and see the water droplets form like dew from a morning mist. Know that it has grown supple from a tree blossom nourished by gentle spring rains and summer rays of the sun.

Bright red with swirls of yellow, the colorful fruit is tantalizing to behold in the palm of your hand. The autumnal hues, dappled by sunshine, remind you of ice-cold apple cider on a warm, sunny October afternoon, or the sweetness of a taffy apple dipped in caramel on Halloween. Remember that warm slice of apple pie or cobbler covered by a scoop of soft vanilla ice cream. This is the fruit of nostalgia, childhood memories, so good and so pure.

Smell the clean bouquet of the ripe, red, round fruit before sinking your teeth into it. Feel the crunch as its juices flow down your tongue, tasting sweet and just a bit tart. Dip a slice into some creamy peanut butter to complement the crunch of the apple.  Savor it down to the last bite before reaching the seed-filled core.

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