Popcorn is Music to my Ears

After writing last week’s blog about popcorn, my wife and I reminisced about how it has evolved over the years. As we recalled the favorite movies we enjoyed with popcorn, a new realization popped in my head. Popcorn was also tied to the music of our times, often accompanying the many favorite songs and movie … Continue reading Popcorn is Music to my Ears

Popcorn and Job Hunting

Who wants popcorn? Dad never had to ask us kids twice. After all, what kid doesn't want popcorn? For that matter, what adult doesn’t want popcorn? Certainly, no true snackoisseur could turn it down. Some of my fondest childhood memories center around popcorn. After watching TV a few hours after dinner on the nights my … Continue reading Popcorn and Job Hunting

Birthday Gifts to Cherish

No birthday is complete without a decadent birthday cake. The centerpiece of this year's birthday was a scrumptious devil's food chocolate cake that my wife baked using a recipe handed down from her mother. An incredibly moist, flavorful chocolate cake served as the base for heaping layers of rich, dark chocolate frosting sprinkled with colorfully … Continue reading Birthday Gifts to Cherish

Easter on April Fools’ Day

Question: What is the yummiest Easter treat?  Answer: the raw carrots left for the Easter Bunny.  April Fools! The correct answer, per this snackoisseur, is the delicious milk-chocolate bunny; the iconic Easter treat. Whether solid or hollow, the tall bunny is an especially prized part – indeed the centerpiece -- of any Easter basket that … Continue reading Easter on April Fools’ Day