“BE SMART” about Easing Stress

What do bosses, mortgages, traffic jams, screaming kids and final exams all have in common? They all cause STRESS!

What can stress cause? Poor sleep, bad habits, procrastination, low productivity, strained relationships, emotional outbursts physical pain and lost sense of purpose, all of which can lead to poor physical and emotional health.

The solution, of course, is to ease your stress – an easy solution that often proves difficult to achieve.

Years ago, while pursuing my training to become a clinical psychologist, a local high school invited me to present a seminar on reducing stress to a group of 150 teachers. After racing to the seminar location through a horrific traffic jam, shortly after hospitalizing a suicidal client in the middle of a 13 -hour work day, I wreaked of stress. In fact, my level of stress appeared so obvious that several participants coldly advised me to ease my stress before offering advice to others on the topic.

After 20 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, I still struggle with managing my stress at times.  However, in observing my own life and lives of many clients I serve, I have identified six major factors that impact stress: Body, Emotions, Space, Money, Attitude, Relationships, Time. Interestingly, the acronym for these factors is “BE SMART”.

7 Tips to BE SMART about Easing Stress

  1. Soothe stress in the Body by engaging the senses. View lovely scenery, listen to calming music, try aromatherapy, savor a small bite of a favorite food and indulge in a pampering bubble bath.
  2. Honor your EMOTIONS because they serve a purpose. Feel them fully, then allow them to float away.
  3. Declutter your SPACE and create a special place to relax. Use space efficiently with creative organization.
  4. Manage MONEY by buying only what you love or what you truly need. All the rest is junk that will clutter your space.
  5. Develop a better ATTITUDE by focusing more on what is in your control and what is going well in your life. Find a photo or song that makes you laugh or smile.
  6. Nurture RELATIONSHIPS that make you feel good. Limit or avoid the ones that don’t. Did you know that studies show that just petting a cuddly animal can relieve stress?  See my blog, Pet Ways to Ease Stress.
  7. Use TIME well by avoiding procrastination. When you have a dreaded task, pursue it for five minutes.  If you can’t stand it any longer, stop. Try again the next day. You will find that once you get over the first five minutes, you will accomplish much or all of the task.

This website Is devoted to Easy Ways to Ease Stress. All the stories, blog posts and articles add a little insight to achieving the difficult task of reducing stress.


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