Entrusted with Their Care

Book Jacket Review
Entrusted with Their Care: A Nurse’s Story
Author: Mary E Matury Gibson
by Jack Murray

Mary E. Gibson’s stark portrait details her struggles to break out of assigned gender roles of the early 1960’s and into a career in nursing that would span 50 years in her own real compelling story of her professional life.  Few opportunities were open to women in the professions after she came of age, but they existed in nursing, and the young Gibson was determined to go to nursing school, which were then mostly run by hospitals.

How she navigated her way through a man’s world, where doctors ruled the roost, provides a poignant story of endurance and survival, shares many lessons learned in her life -and-death struggles on behalf of her patients during a time of great advances in medicine.  She takes us to the hospital with her and shows us the new life-saving techniques and treatments from CPR and open-heart surgery to heart transplants.

As with her first memoir about growing up in rural Indiana, Gibson gives an honest, clear-eyed portrayal of life as she saw and lived it, sparing us no hurtful disappointment of hard found victory along the way.

Photo was taken from book cover.


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