Less is More: A Healthy Risotto

It’s not all popcorn, pizza and Chicago-style hot dogs for this “snackoisseur.” As much as I relish the occasional juicy burger with the works, my day-to-day fare is typically not so indulgent.

Aiming to eat more nutritiously, it has taken me years to get over my bad food habits. Only a few years ago my weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and triglycerides were all up, while my concentration, energy level and mood were all down in the dumps. My doctor diagnosed pre-diabetes and wrote me prescriptions for a glucometer and medication. She warned that if I didn’t make changes in my diet, the next stop on my downward spiral would be “Insulinville.”

A new me

So, I turned away from my wicked ways. Now, as part of the “snackoisseur” experience, I will be featuring, along with my favorite tasty treats, more healthful choices that I enjoy. The goal is to try to help people stick to their diets. Even Dr. John Principe would approve. His WellBeing MD (sm) practice in Palos Heights, IL, centers on “Fooducation” to encourage people to eat better

When shopping for healthy snacks, I go to Trader Joe’s grocery store.  There, I find an amazing assortment of nuts, fresh veggies, fruits, cheeses, dark chocolate to satisfy my cravings.

Trader Joe’s is also my go-to place for ingredients to prepare healthful meals, as well as snacks. It’s the destination for people like me who are on a budget, with limited money and time who want to eat something that tastes good. I always head over to Trader Joe’s for the fixings to make a favorite, easy-to-prepare meal — chicken, mushroom risotto.

A Healthy Recipe That Meets This Snackoisseur’s Approval

Ingredients:  One pouch of frozen, cooked brown Rice, one bag of fresh, riced cauliflower, a 12-oz package of fresh, sliced mushrooms, a package of fresh, grilled chicken, coconut oil, low-fat, hormone-free shredded cheddar cheese, and fresh grated Parmesan cheese to taste.

Sautee’ the mushrooms and riced cauliflower separately in coconut oil. Mix them in a pot on low heat with the heated brown rice,  and chicken. Add a few ounces of cheese. Then season with imported grated Parmesan cheese, oregano and garlic powder to taste. Finally, stir it all together until heated. Voila! Dinner is served.

Now You have a reasonably priced, healthy meal that takes only 10 to 15 minutes to prepare. Since, it freezes very well, it can be prepared in large batches. In addition to be low in sodium with virtually no sugars, this meal in a pan provides plenty of protein, whole-grains and vegetables.

Although I never thought I would believe this, I have learned some food for thought.  Healthy foods in moderate portions can be quite delicious.  The added bonus is that trips to buy nutritious foods are a lot cheaper than trips to see the doctor!

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