Pet Ways to Ease Stress

Hi. My name is Sparky.  As a prominent member of the pet community and a leading authority on easing stress, I accepted this honor of launching this new blog, titled Pet Ways to Ease Stress.

Some people think that pets have no stress.  Are you kidding?  Every night I battle Ralph and Fido to snag a few scraps of dinner from our bowls. Afterwards, I report for the night shift of house surveillance duty – preventing potential prowlers from breaking in.  All that barking and growling wears me out so much that I sleep most of the day. On weekends, while my owner relaxes outside, I patrol the yard for unwanted pests and critters.  For all this, my owners compensates me a few measly treats – and I have to play several rounds of fetch and beg to get those.

It might look easy, but being a pet is no picnic. It demands lots of effort, energy and diligence, which can be quite stressful. To keep myself calm and focused, I developed several strategies to ease my stress.  These may require a little ingenuity, but with plenty of practice, most any pet or human can become proficient.

Sparky’s Tips for Easing Stress

  1. Go for short walks several times a day.  Even a few minutes of brisk walking will do wonders for your mood. For resistance training, tug your owner by the leash. This will prompt him or her to get more exercise too!
  2. Find engaging hobbies. My personal favorites are hiding my owner’s shoes and chewing the couch pillows until the stuffing is all over everything in the family room. Then I hide and let Ralph and Fido take the blame.
  3. Encourage someone to pet you.  Look real innocent and sad while you open your eyes real wide and tilt your head to one side just a bit. That works every time!

Hope this helps.  I have more ideas, but I promised to give my pet colleagues a chance to share their wisdom about easing stress. Follow our blog, Pet Ways to Ease Stress, each week as a prominent member of the pet community shares fool-proof advice on easing stress.

Woof!  Gotta go!  My owner just came home with treats!


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