Savor Some Saucy Sizzlin’ Salami

“I’ll have what she’s having.” 

This famous deli scene from the film “When Harry Met Sally” popped into my mind as I experienced a bite of Reenies’ Sizzling Baked Salami Appetizer. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, this savory, Kosher salami baked with barbeque sauce tantalized my taste buds. When served on a slice of French bread with a dollop of Dijon mustard, flavor exploded in my mouth like fireworks.

Promotional Item with a Side of Salami

After ordering a sample marketing promotional item online, I received a confirmation email that the item would be shipped. Quite unexpectedly, the email included the bonus of a great simple recipe for a salami appetizer. Reenie Feingold, President of StoreSMART, a Woman-owned business selling quality promotional items, employed this clever marketing strategy of attaching the recipe. It worked. Upon receiving the sample, and noting its high quality for its value price, I doubled the order that I first intended.

Reenie Feingold, Creative Energy Director, President, Mother, Grandma, Loving Wife, Nurse, Doctor, Chauffeur, Psychologist, Chef, Motivator, Activities Director, Mechanic, Mind Reader, and Breast Cancer Survivor, created this deceptively simple appetizer recipe shown on her instructional YouTube video. Not being tremendously adept at cooking or following YouTube-video instructions, even I managed to pull off this cooking feat. In fact, I improvised on the original recipe of Hebrew National Beef Salami with barbeque or hot sauce. After baking the scored salami for 30 minutes, I doused the left third with barbeque sauce, the middle third with Dijon mustard and the right third with buffalo sauce. Although all three sauces were delicious, my favorite was the salami section that had both barbeque sauce and Dijon mustard.

Saturday Nights with a Side of Salami

The experience of baking and eating Reenie’s baked salami appetizer conjured memories of my youth when my family enjoyed late Saturday afternoon dinners of cold cuts. Mom would stop at the deli on her way home from work on Fridays and pick up salami, dill pickles, rye bread and potato chips. It was an easy Saturday-night meal for her to lay out, saving herself the time of cooking and washing pots and pans, before going out for the evening with my dad. I would always sneak a taste of salami as she set the table, only to be scolded by her to wait until dinner was ready.

Dad especially liked the weekly cold-cut Saturday dinners. Upon sitting down at the dinner table, he would pile his sandwiches high with salami, lettuce, a tomato slice and yellow mustard. In our younger days, we kids liked to make our sandwiches only with soft slices of highly-processed white bread, but as we grew older our tastes evolved to appreciate the heartier variety of rye bread.

Nostalgia with a Side of Salami

When the evening rolled in, Mom and Dad left to go out for the night while I was left to babysit my two younger siblings. This chore was endurable because Saturday nights featured my favorite lineup of prime-time TV shows. Starting with “All in the Family” at 7 o’clock, the lineup continued with “M*A*S*H,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “The Bob Newhart Show” and concluded with The Carol Burnett Show. After prodding my siblings to bed, I stayed up late to watch “Saturday Night Live,” while I satisfied my craving for another salami sandwich or two, with a wedge of dill pickle and a few chips.

Thank you, Reenie for inspiring such a charming stroll down the memory lane of my happy childhood. For this reason, I will remember you fondly every time I hand out your promotional wallets to prospective customers. For more information on Reenie’s recipe and StoreSmart business, see below.

Reenie Feingold
Creative Energy Director, President, Mother, Grandma, Loving Wife, Nurse, Doctor, Chauffeur, Psychologist, Chef, Motivator, Activities Director, Mechanic, Mind Reader, and Breast Cancer Survivor.
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Reenie’s Sizzling Baked Salami Appetizer ( Video 2.5 Minutes )

Here’s an easy appetizer for any party! The recipe has two ingredients: a Hebrew National Salami and any BBQ or Hot sauce. This takes about two minutes preparation time and 30 minutes to bake at 350 degrees. Serve with crackers or sliced French bread and mustard. YUM!!!

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