Hot Dog Daze

Hot dogs are the great American food for the great American pastime. No, I don’t mean baseball, but snacking! That’s this snackoisseur’s favorite pastime, after all.

Ice cream, a Treat for the Ages

Who can forget the days when the ice cream truck roamed the neighborhood, playing children’s music and ringing its happy bell? It was hard to choose among the snow cones, ice cream sandwiches and other ice cream bars that the friendly vendor sold out of the back of his truck.

Mom’s Best Recipes

"Dinner's ready; it's time to eat," Mom would chirp. Without hesitation, my Dad, girlfriend (now my wife) and I took our seats around Mom’s dinner table on Sunday evenings.  We eagerly awaited to indulge in one of Mom's great meals made from one of her great recipes.

Popcorn and Job Hunting

Who wants popcorn? Dad never had to ask us kids twice. After all, what kid doesn't want popcorn? For that matter, what adult doesn’t want popcorn? Certainly, no true snackoisseur could turn it down.

Birthday Gifts to Cherish

No birthday is complete without a decadent birthday cake. The centerpiece of this year's birthday was a scrumptious devil's food chocolate cake.  My wife baked it, using a recipe handed down from her mother.