The Ultimate Chewy, Gooey Cookies

First, I tempt my taste buds with a tantalizing treat truly made with tender love. Then, I please my palate with a piece of paradise.  Here I describe my ultimate snackoisseur experience – my wife’s chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookies.

I don’t even quarrel with my wife’s last-minute request to buy the best ingredient for these cookies – a bag of chocolate covered raisins. I even offer to mix the huge bowl of her delicious cookie dough.

While I relish the heavenly aroma of those cookies baking in the oven, I brew a fresh cup of French roast coffee. After adding some cream, I sit down in my favorite easy chair.  Then, I prepare for a culinary event that engages all my senses.

A Treat to Engage all the Senses

Gazing at the warm, caramel tones of the cookie dough packed with rich, dark chocolate makes my mouth water in anticipation. The smell of the buttery, brown sugar becomes deliciously inviting as I crunch into a hearty bite. The crunchy, chewy texture of the perfect blend of fine ingredients melts sweetly into my mouth as I sip my aromatic coffee.

Fond Memories of Dad

As I savor “a few” cookies with my coffee, I recall memories of my Dad who died two years ago.  A true sugar hound, he loved most any type of sweet, but chocolate chip cookies topped his list of favorites. Every Christmas and birthday, he was deluged with gifts of every kind of candy imaginable: candy bars, boxes of chocolates and gift bags of fancy toffee. Trust me, none of these went to waste, but my Dad always went for the cookies first.

Shortly before Mom served a holiday feast, Dad rooted around in the kitchen “jones-ing” for a cookie fix.  Mom complained when he didn’t finish his dinner on holidays because of his pre-gaming before meals.  However, the pinnacle of his cookie career was the first time he tasted my wife’s chocolate chip cookies. After biting into his first piece, a big smile erupted across his face.  He ate another piece, then another. Mom warned him not to eat the whole plate in one night, but he paid no mind.

The True Meaning of Holidays

As I reflect on my childhood memories of turkey dinners with all the fixings followed by a buffet of cookies, cakes and pies, I long for that simpler time in life. Of course, all the presents from Santa were great, but the true enduring gift was the warm sense of home and family. Here I offer advice for easing your stress around this holiday season.  Relax for a while and take a bite of your favorite homemade cookie.  Remember all the goodness in life.

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