Words to Inspire

Excerpt from “Art Murray, an Ordinary Man with Extraordinary Grit”

One very hot, humid day during high-school summer school, Art slumped in his desk chair in a crowded classroom totally bored out of his mind.  His attention drifted to the open classroom windows as his student peers spent most of the time passing notes to each other just for laughs and giggles. He sent one note to a friend, saying, “I am thinking about jumping out the window, and taking the rest of the day off.”  The friend said, “I dare you.” Boom!  Art sailed out the window in a heartbeat, gone for the day.

When Art returned to class the next day, his teacher imposed no consequences because he never even noticed that Art left class the previous day. In disbelief, his classmates laughed heartily for most of the class period. “I was Mr. Cool for the balance of the summer school class,” boasted Art. “At our 20-year reunion, a book of class memories contained a trivia quiz. One of the questions asked, ‘Who jumped out of the window in Mr. Stepian’s summer-school class?’

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